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Welcome to a simple anti-theft catalytic converters solution


How it was done in the past

The old way of doing things was using a hand machine to mark your catalytic convertor which isnt deep and could be sanded off .

Not the best solution for the epidemic of catalytic thefts, At Vinviper we developed a new solution using high powered lasers.

Engraving your Plate

Image by Opt Lasers

At Vinviper, we specialize in laser engraving custom stainless steel plates with a high level of detail and accuracy. We guarantee the highest quality of work and our innovative etching process ensures that the product is durable and secure.


Warning Stickers Included

How to Order


Step 1

We receive a order online with your Vin #

Step 2

Next we make a template for the logo and Vin # is entered into the software then a high powered laser is used to pulverize the  stainless plate  for 25 mins to get a deep engraving. Then the same on the reverse!


Step 3

We clean & polish the double sided engraved plate, Now it's ready to shipped to the customer for installation by a preferred shop of his or hers choosing!

Your order comes with

2 Front Window Stickers for maximum visibility to show your protected to thieves!

Shipping Services

Free Shipping in Canada for Engraved plates ordered on website!

Shipped by Canada Post 

    7 to 10 days approx.

Installation of Plates

Man Welding

After you received the plates call your local muffler shop or garage for an appointment for installation and garages varies  so call around for your best quote!

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