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  • How long does it take to engrave items?
    It can take up to 2-3 days more complex orders can take longer depending on quantity.
  • What can be engraved?
    We Love engraving jewelry, coins, stamps, cutlery, flasks, wallets, tumblers, mugs, cups, dog tags, slate coasters, barcodes, serial numbers, photos on metal, wrenches, measuring tools, stainless steel, medical equipment, glass frames, instruments, and more.
  • How do I get the Item to you for Engraving?
    Your welcome to send by mail,or drop the items off in-person. ( address will be supplied upon order conformation! )
  • Return policy
    ​RETURN POLICY Returns or refunds will not be given to any customizable products or services. All sales are final and If there is an error in any details of your order, you can contact us through. We will try and rectify the issue, however if the customizable process has already begun or is completed, a fee may be charged if you still wish to change the design.
  • Does this service apply to every vehicle?
    Typically just trucks and SUVs and hybrids like Prius.
  • What if my catalytic converter gets stolen after the service is done ?
    Unfortunate for the thief because it will be worth 0 in the end to a scrap dealer.
  • Can you drive without a catalytic converter ?
    Avoid the temptation just to drive your ride home or to the nearest repair centre. Without the converter in place, the rest of the exhaust system may not be secure and you run the risk of doing more damage if a loose exhaust pipe digs into the road. Your best bet is to call your roadside assistance provider.
  • What if I sell my vehicle what happens?
    That’s ok all we need is the bill of sale and we can transfer it to the new owner.
  • Can the vin plate be ground off ?
    No with the tamper-proof design it’s incredibly hard to remove cause of the depth it penetrates the metal.
  • Is there a warranty?
    After service is preformed warranty will be for workmanship for 90 days if plate falls off.
  • How does the database work ?
    Once you purchase you register your information and VIN in the database and now your VIN and cat are linked to you. Then you can report it online instantly and to your local police if it happens to be stolen with scrap yards being informed as well.
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